Anthology: Volume Two – Legit Tenor

Laura Josepher
~Laura Josepher

For Volume Two of our Anthology series we are featuring Legit Tenors (if you missed Volume One – Legit Sopranos you can read it here).

As with all blogs in our Anthology series, we will post five new songs featuring a different voice type each week. The songs will all be under-performed contemporary musical theatre songs that don’t appear in any published anthologies. And, if you’re a subscriber to, you’ll be able to purchase and download the sheet music right from our site. (If you’re not yet a subscriber to our site, what are you waiting for? Sign up here now! And if you want to know why we’re a subscription site, watch this.)

This week’s featured voice type is: Legit Tenor. And we’ve got five great songs to share with you.

Legit Tenor

It Gets Lonely
Music by: Thomas Caruso
Lyrics by: Michael Cooper
Performed by: Matthew Luke Sandoval

From the song cycle, Awake In The World, “It Gets Lonely” is a stand-alone song about being lonely in the big city and feeling like the world is passing you by. Its open accompaniment leaves lots of space for you to explore the lyrics and tell a story, and still showcase your lovely legato.

Like Donnie
Music By: Robert Maggio
Lyrics By: Kristin Maloney
Performed By: Lee Zarrett, Lloyd Arriola on piano

In this comedic uptempo, a physical altercation during a dance session leaves behind the lovable nerd with big dreams for a future in competitive dance. It has an excited flow of words and is a great choice if you’re looking for a new uptempo character song.

I Can Tell Time
Music By: Ben Schaechter
Lyrics By: Dan Kael
Performed by: Tom Keeling

“I Can Tell Time” is a simple song about discovering the world. In particular, it’s about discovering loss. It’s sung by an adult remembering a specific time in childhood. The minimal accompaniment allows a performer  to showcase their voice, while the evocative lyrics give lots of room for showing off your storytelling skills.

 Average, Everyday, Normal
Music and Lyrics By: Rebecca Greenstein
Performed By: Isaac Assor

Need a comedic ballad? In Rebecca Greenstein’s project involving a fairy-tale prince and a girl under a spell, the prince tries to commune with the populace, but everyone is too afraid to be anything but courteous toward him. This song has a Golden Age Feel with a comic bent and its moderate accompaniment makes it very audition friendly.

A Different Light
Music By: Brandon James Gwinn
Lyrics by: Sammy Buck
Performed by: Alex Wyse

From the musical, Small Town Story, about two families in a North Texas town who struggle with a community battle ignited by a high school production of the musical Rent. This ballad about bridging the divide between a teenager and a parent would be a great choice for a high school performer.

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