Featured Five, Vol. 21 – Hear What’s New!

Featured Five

Things have been so busy lately, we haven’t had a chance to feature any of the great new music now available on our site. So today, we’re rectifying that by sharing five songs that are all new to ContemporaryMusicalTheatre.com. Four of the songs are from writers/writing teams who are new to our site, and one is a very timely new song from an existing writer that we just had to share.

Level Up

Music by: David Mallamud
Lyrics by: Nathan Christensen
Perfect for: High Belt/Mix or Belt Mezzo

This song comes to us from the writing team of David Mallamud and Nathan Christensen from their show, “Level Up”. A year after her mother’s death, 16-year-old Cam is struggling to cope. Her dad is battling his own grief, and the two can’t seem to connect. Cam finds her only escape in an epic mobile game, so she is especially upset when her dad forbids her to use her phone until she finishes her chores. This is a fantastic pop rock up-tempo song for a teen /young adult who really wants to show off her belt.

Monsters in the Night
Music & Lyrics by: Jeffrey Schmelkin
Perfect for: Belt Tenor
Performed by: Ryan Hudzik

This song by New York based composer/lyricist Jeffrey Schmelkin is from his show, “Untitled Time: A New Musical.” It is  sung by Kyle, a young man who struggles with the loss of his parents. The tragedy triggered a series of mental issues that put a wedge in his relationship with his sister and are not understood by his Aunt Marie. The song is Kyle’s internal response to his aunt telling him to “just be happy.” It’s a dramatic ballad perfect for a tenor looking for a song to demonstrate their darker side.

I’m Wishing
Music & Lyrics by: Elspeth Collard & Sam Rosenblatt 
Perfect for: Legit Tenor
Performed by: Blake Roman

This song comes from the female writing team of Elspeth Collard & Sam Rosenblatt who met at the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU Tisch. This song, “I’m Wishing”, details a long-distance relationship in the most upbeat of ways. It’s hopeful, fun, and wishful with a cool folk/pop vibe.

Music by: Julia Meinwald
Lyrics by: Shoshana Greenberg
Perfect for: Legit Mezzo
Performed by: Shoshana Greenberg

Have you ever asked out someone you really liked? Did you do that for the first time in your mid-30s? Writer and singer Shoshana Greenberg took this leap and lived to tell the tale. Written with composer Julia Meinwald, “Normal” comically explores what happens when we have the courage to go after what we want and leave our old selves behind. This song balances a good comic lyric with an uptempo rock feel.

Zoom With You
Music by: Gary Adler
Lyrics by: Phoebe Kreutz

Perfect for: Legit Tenor
Performed by: Telly Leung

Writer Phoebe Kreutz has been on the CMT roster for a while, but this song, written with collaborator Gary Adler, is a very timely new addition to our site. A silk-pajama slow jam for the era of social distancing, this R&B ballad is a great chance to show off your sense of humor, your smooth style and your sexy high notes. Get ready to receive some suggestive friend requests.

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