You Gotta Pick a Good Song!

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Seth Rudetsky recently posted a video on YouTube entitled: Seth Rudetsky Reveals the 5 WORST Audition Mistakes  (watch the video HERE). Number three on his list is “You Gotta Pick A Good Song.” His point?

“When you do an overdone song it makes you seem very uncreative.”
“There’s so much music out there. You’ve gotta do your research…”

Why sing just any song when you can sing something new? And that’s what is here for! Are you a subscriber?

When Seth hosted our launch concert back in January 2013, he described our site this way:

So for this week’s blog, David and I are featuring some songs from our Directory which we think would be great and unique audition songs. And we will tell you why we think they’d be great.

Darryl is a Boy (and He Lives in My Closet)

Music & Lyrics – Michael Mitnick Best for: Comedic Up-Tempo, High Belt/Mix

Laura: As a performer you must realize that the people behind the table have been watching auditions all day. We’re tired. We may be punchy. But we really want to like you. If you’re good — maybe we can cast this show and go home. So if you’re funny, why not bring in something that can make us laugh? I love this song by Michael Mitnick. It’s funny but can show off your singing chops, your good diction, as well as your comic timing. And it could be easily cut to 16 bars and still show me all of that. Note: I have one recommendation about funny songs at auditions — stay away from anything overly sexual/foul mouthed. I, for one, am easily offended.

David: The vocal range of this song is completely reasonable and balances patter and longer phrases with great contrast. To me, the worst thing one could do in an audition is sing every phrase the same. This song gives an opportunity to show lots of different vocal colors, which interests me. The accompaniment could be bit on the challenging side for an audition pianist, but not to the point of eye crossing. The other great thing about this is that it allows you to be understated while not being boring. If you performed this well and made me laugh, I can guarantee I’d ask you what else you had in your book. It’s the kind of song that’s refreshing to the table. Be looking for more songs like this. And I’m with Laura – don’t go the foul mouthed route.


Music & Lyrics – Clay Zambo Best for: Legit Mezzo

Laura: While you wouldn’t get the full beauty of Clay Zambo’s story song in 16 bars, it would be certain to draw me in and make me want to hear more — always a good way to leave an audition room!

David: I believe Clay is one of our most gifted melodists. He knows how to create the inner emotional life in the arc of a phrase and the undulating of the accompaniment. While story songs like this can be tricky to cut, the last verse to the end would make a beautiful selection, giving the singer lots of opportunities to show several different acting beats while showcasing a great legit sound.


Music & Lyrics – Michael Cooper Best for: Legit Tenor

Laura: A simple moving melody and lyric by Michael Cooper, this song will let me focus on your craft and acting choices. Yes – we love hearing you belt, but we’ve been hearing that all day. I am thrilled when someone comes in and sings something that starts off soft and controlled. This song lets the performers show a real range of emotion and musicality.

David: Last week, we posted a blog about writers who know how to write in a contemporary way without putting the singer in a precarious place vocally. Michael’s song could easily be added to that list. This is an active pop/rock song that gives tenors an opportunity to belt, yes, but also show a variety of colors as an actor and singer. I think the ending is just fantastic. Plus, the accompaniment is completely sight readable. What’s not to like?


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