Anthology: Volume One – Legit Soprano

Laura Josepher
~Laura Josepher

We understand it can be hard to know where to look when searching for new music. That’s why so many singers and teachers buy Hal Leonard’s Musical Theatre Anthologies. While these are a great quick solution, they are also laced with one big inherent problem: since everyone picks up the same books, everyone is singing the same music. And as someone who often finds herself in open call auditions, I can usually guess which songs were featured in the latest edition.

Thus the idea for a new blog series was born. We are simply calling it: Anthology. We will post five new songs featuring a different voice type each week. The songs will all be under-performed contemporary musical theatre songs that don’t appear in any published anthologies. And, if you’re a subscriber to, you’ll be able to purchase and download the sheet music right from our site. (If you’re not yet a subscriber to our site, what are you waiting for? Sign up here now! And if you want to know why we’re a subscription site, watch this.)

This week’s featured voice type is: Legit Soprano. And we’ve got five great songs to share with you.

legit sop

Everything You Long For Is In New Jersey
Music by: Randy Klein
Lyrics by: Matthew Hardy
Performed by: Ashley Fox Linton

This comedic ballad is written in the style of a classic Rodgers and Hammerstein eleven o’clock number. It (literally) sings the praises of the beloved state of New Jersey and with it’s moderately difficult accompaniment you could definitely use it for an audition. Who says legit sopranos can’t be funny?

The Way He Held My Hand
Music & Lyrics by: Lawrence Rush
Performed by: Teal Wicks

In this warmly romantic dramatic ballad from Lawrence Rush’s Pride & Prejudice – the Musical, Jane tells Lizzy of her fondness for Bingley. It’s got a Golden Age feel but leaves plenty of room for showing off your acting chops.

Boyfriend In October
Music by: Linda Dowdell
Lyrics by: Craig Fols
Performed by: Anabel Adams

This jazzy uptempo has its heroine telling us all the benefits of having a mate for the Fall season. It could be a great way to split up all those ballads in your cabaret.

If He Loves Me
Music & Lyrics by: Todd Syswerda
Performed by: Mari Wilkerson

In Todd Syswerda’s show, Where Fortunes Lie, the main character, Grace Fisher, is a bitter, cynical woman. Towards the end of the show, she overhears someone stand up for her and proclaim his love for her. Her inability to comprehend any truth in that statement results in this song of self discovery.

Time On My Hands
Music & Lyrics by: Katya Stanislavskaya
Performed by: Amy Justman

From her song cycle, Women on Love, Katya Stanislavskaya’s intimate ballad gives the performer lots of room for exploration. It follows a woman’s quest to make the most of every moment and builds to a sweeping declaration.

Next week’s featured voice type will be Legit Tenor (read the Legit Tenor blog HERE). Sign up for our email alerts so you’ll know when we post.


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