Young Writers Find Their Voice

This blog is a part of The Directory of Contemporary Musical Theatre Writers, found online at ________________________________ Daniel: “This song is from your parent’s generation. Do you know Chaka Khan?” Jeremy: “Duh, I LOVE her!”   I sat in on a jam session, which included Frank Sinatra, John Legend, a very clever piano/vocal arrangement of… Read More Young Writers Find Their Voice

A “Complete” List of Contemporary Musicals: 2000-2019

  [UPDATED 1/2/20 – Now with additional shows and links to vocal scores, cast recordings and MP3 recordings!]   At the beginning of our exploration of contemporary musical theatre repertoire in 2012, Lorene Phillips and I went to the (now sadly defunct) Colony Records to see how many scores we could find for contemporary shows. … Read More A “Complete” List of Contemporary Musicals: 2000-2019