Dangerous Rhetoric Outside the Theater

David outlines why Kyle Smith’s National Review article criticizing Lin Manuel Miranda is the type of tabloid nonsense that hurts the theatre community.… Read More Dangerous Rhetoric Outside the Theater


Young Writers Find Their Voice

This blog is a part of The Directory of Contemporary Musical Theatre Writers, found online at www.contemporarymusicaltheatre.com. ________________________________ Daniel: “This song is from your parent’s generation. Do you know Chaka Khan?” Jeremy: “Duh, I LOVE her!”   I sat in on a jam session, which included Frank Sinatra, John Legend, a very clever piano/vocal arrangement of… Read More Young Writers Find Their Voice

A “Complete” List of Contemporary Musicals: 2000-2017

  [UPDATED 11/1/17 – Now with additional shows and links to vocal scores, cast recordings and MP3 recordings!]   At the beginning of our exploration of contemporary musical theatre repertoire in 2012, Lorene Phillips and I went to the (now sadly defunct) Colony Records to see how many scores we could find for contemporary shows. … Read More A “Complete” List of Contemporary Musicals: 2000-2017