Anthology, Volume 18: Pop/Rock Uptempo (Women)

If you’ve been following our “Anthology” series, you know we’ve been featuring awesome contemporary musical theatre songs by genre: Story Songs, Dramatic Up-Tempo, Dramatic Ballad, Comedic Up-Tempo (Women), Comedic Up-Tempo (Men), Comedic Ballad (Women), Comedic Ballad (Men), Pop/Rock Uptempos (Men). Click on the corresponding link to check them out. This week, we are highlighting five… Read More Anthology, Volume 18: Pop/Rock Uptempo (Women)

Anthology, Volume Five: Mezzo Belter

Musical theatre writers have always been sweet on mezzo belters: Mama Rose, Velma Kelly, Millie (of the thoroughly modern kind)… It’s a distinct, rich sound that suggests strength and fortitude. And there are certainly lots of great contemporary musical theatre songs to choose from for this voice type. Sad that we only can choose five, but why limit… Read More Anthology, Volume Five: Mezzo Belter