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This week we are starting a new series called “Subscriber Spotlight.” Each month we will feature one of our hundreds of subscribers around the world, asking them a bit about themselves, how they first found out about, and what new writers and songs they’ve fallen in love with on our site.

Our first featured subscriber is Erica Maier D’Ambrosio:

Tell us about you! 

My name is Erica Maier D’Ambrosio and I am a voice teacher in Berkeley, California.  I am also the current resident music director for Bay Area Children’s Theatre.

Tell us what the musical theatre scene is like in your area?  

The theatre scene in the San Francisco Bay Area is booming and musical theatre is a huge component of that scene.  There are so many types of companies here-from the typical community theatre to the well-known regional houses and everything in between.  The theatre culture here is so rich and varied with a high level of artistry.  There is so much to see and there is never enough time to capture it all!

Why and when did you join

I was in the process of helping my high school seniors choose music for their college auditions this summer when I stumbled upon the website.  I was thrilled to have access to new pieces for my students and they were thrilled to know that their songs may be a bit more unique!

What new composers/lyricists have you discovered on our site?

What do you love about their writing?  I have discovered Stephanie Salzman who has written a lot of music for younger voices.  It can be really challenging to find age-appropriate repertoire for middle and early high school students, so I’m grateful that there is a composer who is writing good music in that realm.

What is the last song you purchased from the site? 

Door/Window (by writing team Michelle Elliott & Danny Larsen) from the show Yellow Wood. It is about a girl who is living in the shadow of her special needs brother and feels invisible.  

Thanks Erica for your support of!

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