Anthology, Vol. 26 – Belt Tenor

Next up in our popular anthology by voice type blog series is the Belt Tenor (We have already done anthologies for Legit Soprano, Legit Mezzo, Legit Tenor, Broadway Baritone, and High Belt/Mix. Click the links to catch up).

While there no shortage of rep out there for Belt Tenors, it can be a challenge to find a song that isn’t overdone. So if you want to Go The Distance (see what I did there?) we can help you out. Below are five fantastic songs for Belt Tenor to help you stand out from the crowd.

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Nerd Boy

Music & Lyrics by: Mike Pettry
Performed by: Xavier Rice

This is a great pop/rock song from writer Mike Pettry about a boy who is quietly pining for his nerd boy friend. It’s a great modern love song with rocking beat. It has room for some real belting but it has enough of a lyric line to show of your legit sound too. Oh, and the song isn’t gender specific and a woman’s key is also available.

Back for the Night

Music & Lyrics by: Ben Bonnema
Show” Boys Who Tricked Me
Performed by: Larry Owens

From Ben Bonnema’s slumber party musical, “Boys Who Tricked Me” comes this wrenching dramatic ballad. The singer has spent the night with a former lover, against his better judgement, and grapples with the emotional fallout. The story is so riveting and the slow build gives the performer such room to show off both their vocal power and their ability to tell a story through song. The tortured bridge leading to the soulful wailing gets us every time!


What’s Not To Like

Music & Lyrics by: Beth Falcone
Show: Wanda’s World
Performed by: James Royce Edwards  

This song was written for a show called “Wanda’s World,” which takes place in a middle school. Though the characters were originally played by adults, the song could be cut to be a great audition choice for a young performer.

Enough is Enough

Music by: Jaime Lozano
Lyrics by: Lauren Epsenhart
Show: Children of Salt
Performed by: Mauricio Martínez

“Children of Salt,” by Jaime Lozano and lyricist Lauren Epsenhart gives us this great Latin infused song.  Raúl returns to the Mexican beaches of his youth only to be greeted by the memories that forced him away in the first place. Reunited with his childhood friends he must face the choices he made in an effort to move forward.

Me and My Bong

Music & Lyrics by: David Eric Davis
Show: Brooklyn Crush (formerly F#%king Up Everything) 
Performed by: Douglas Widick

Ok, so how many reggae musical theatre songs can you name? If a comic reggae love song is your thing, check out David Eric Davis’ fun “Me and My Bong.” Here Tony relaxes at home and sings a reggae ode to his bong. Things get complicated when the subject turns to his relationship with his girlfriend Ivy.

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