Anthology, Vol. 25: High Belt/Mix

We’ve been revamping our “Anthology” series with new songs by voice type. If you’re interested in Legit Soprano, Legit MezzoLegit Tenor, and Broadway Baritone rep, click on the hyperlinks.

High Belt/Mix. HIGH. BELT. MIX. Is there any other voice type these days? Yes, but it seems everyone is writing for that female who has a Q#. Some contemporary musical theatre writers get lost in writing so high for the voice that the lyrics or song’s message gets lost. Not true in these five songs, which are funny, touching, and most importantly, a reasonable climb for trained high belt/mixers who know their voice inside out.


Bridget Michelle Jessica (from Starblasters)

Music & Lyrics by: Benjamin Velez
Performed by: Lilli Cooper

The only thing that stands between this young, hungry high beltress and success is her name. Brilliantly performed Lilli Cooper, Velez’s guffaw-worthy song requires a great singer with equally fantastic comedic chops: someone who knows how to mine clever repetition and land a punchline. Oh, and great riffing skills wouldn’t hurt!


Don’t Lie

Music & Lyrics by: Creighton Irons
Performed by: Hannah Elles

In the recent past, we’ve featured some of Creighton’s folk/pop-inspired songs. Here we find out how wonderfully versatile he is. This is a very smartly crafted song with a great build. The verses build the case and the chorus clearly hits the message home. Plus, there are some delicious harmonic twists and turns and ample room for the singer to show off.



Music by: Joy Son
Lyrics by: Jill Abramovitz
Performed by: Jill Abramovitz

Pardon me for promoting two of my colleagues, whom I adore. I met Joy and Jill through the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop and have been a huge fan of their work ever since. This is one of my favorite songs they’ve written together, flawlessly performed here by Jill. Listen for the specificity in the accompaniment as the character slowly becomes more and more unhinged. And the lyrics similarly get more and more funny. It’s a sterling example of a comedy song.

Look for Me

Music by: Jenny Giering
Lyrics by: Sean Barry
Performed by: Jenny Giering

If the beautiful sentiment of the lyric and lyricism of the vocal line don’t get you choked up (and how could they not?!), this will: Jenny and Sean wrote this song as a gift for each other and completed it the night before they were married. That’s right: they’re collaborators in theatre and in life! And they just recently celebrated their anniversary. Pardon us while we mop up the pool of tears we’re currently standing in…


YouTube Sensation

Music & Lyrics by: Will Reynolds
Performed by: Carrie Manolakos

As Will says, “Because deep down, we all want to be one.” Ain’t that the truth! And who better to sing it than Carrie Manolakos, who high belt/mixes and riffs with more ease than anyone else I have heard. If you’re looking for a pop/rock comedy song, check out this silver platter…


Next week, check back for some great new songs for mezzo belters!

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One thought on “Anthology, Vol. 25: High Belt/Mix

  1. I missed seeing you both at the NATS conference Las Vegas but understand how busy you are. It was a great time with lots of interesting, informative and inspirational sessions.

    These Anthology blogs are worth their weight in gold, but the ones that I’m most excited about seeing are those for the mature singer (50+). It’s almost impossible to find songs written for my demographic, so bring it on!!!

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