Anthology, Vol. 24 – Broadway Baritone

bway baritone
Our rebooted Anthology Series has already featured Legit Soprano, Legit Mezzo, and Legit Tenor. So in today’s blog we are featuring five songs for Broadway Baritones.

Baritones are no longer just the bad guy! We have lots of great contemporary musical theatre songs for baritones that range from funny uptempos to soulful story songs. Give a listen then head over to Subscribe and you’ll be able to listen, purchase and download your songs right away.

Simple Hell

Music & Lyrics by: Jason Loffredo
Performed by: Evan Harrington

Inspired by Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird”, this song is sung from the perspective of one of the minor character’s in the story, Dolphus Raymond. Raymond, has a unique perspective on the racial situations that are at the forefront of Harper’s classic story. Having been ostracized for years for his friendliness towards the African Americans in town, Raymond knows that sometimes it’s the subtle things that people do that can put a person through Hell. It’s a soulful melody giving the Baritone a chance to show off his softer sound.


The Man Down The Hall

Music by: Leslie Becker & Karl Mansfield
Lyrics by: Leslie Becker
Performed by: Tim Ewing

In this lovely story song a man walks us through his troubled relationship with the man down the hall… who just happens to be his father. It’s poignant and simple (in the best way), with a chance for a baritone to show his softer side.

Wood Again

Music by: Randy Klein
Lyrics by: Matthew Hardy
Show: Ever Happily After


From Randy Klein & Matthew Hardy’s fairy tale musical, “Ever Happily After” comes this sweet song sung by Pinocchio. He gives Cinderella his ticket to the ball so she can pursue her dream of meeting and marrying the prince while he stands quietly on the sidelines. This would be a great song choice for a young baritone.


Music by: Paul Loesel
Lyrics by: Scott Burkell
Performed by: Daniel Reichard

For the baritone looking to show off his comedic side, here is a light cabaret song that doesn’t require the strongest singer but relies on personality and a sense of humor. We love the lyric: “You say come here / then you push me away / it’s no wonder I’m slightly confused / Your love is a truck that backs over me / and I’m left feeling beaten and bruised.”

Finding Me

Music & Lyrics by: Michael Patrick Walker
Show: The Distant Bells
Performed by: Jim Stanek

“Finding Me” is featured on, “Out of Context: The Songs of Michael Patrick Walker” and it’s perfect for the baritone looking for a song with a folk/pop vibe. The singer tells the story of how he spent most of his twenties traveling the United States in search of a job, a home, and himself. It’s a laid back story song with moments of humor and a light-handed message about life.

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