Anthology, Vol. 22 – Legit Mezzo

Our Anthology blog series by voice type has been far and away our most popular. It seems our readers are eager to find great new underperformed musical theatre songs. Yay! That is a big part of our mission at and we are thrilled to give you a you a glimpse into our catalog of hundreds of awesome songs by our talented roster of musical theatre composers and lyricists.

So back by popular demand — we’re doing it again. Last week we featured five new songs for Legit Soprano. Today we featuring five songs for Legit Mezzo.

We know there are lots of mezzos out there scrambling for some new material, because last time around this was one of our most popular voice types. Don’t worry mezzos — we’ve got you covered! Below are 5 fabulous songs you probably don’t know, but should.

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Remind Me

Music & Lyrics by: Tor & Lisa 
Performed by: Lisa Rothauser

This dramatic ballad comes from the songwriting team of Tor Hyams and Lisa Rothauser from their show, Stealing Time. In it, a woman reminisces about the the life choices she’s made, and how now — from a distance — she wishes she would have handled them differently. We love the drama in the stories she recounts, pitted against the soaring release of the chorus.

Have it All

Music & Lyrics by: Brett Ryback
Performed by: Lana McKissack

Are you a teen mezzo looking for a song to show off your legit sound AND your ability to sing pop/rock? Well, here you go! In Brett Ryback’s, “Have It All” from his show The Many Selves of Mia Scott, a young woman is trying to figure out her path. One thing is for certain — she is sure she is destined for big things. We love that although is definitely a pop/rock song, you can totally sing this song with a legit voice.


My Apartment

Music by:  Ben Schaechter
Lyrics by: Dan Kael
Performed by: Michele Pawk

From It Helps to Sing About It. Livelier than a ballad, more laid-back than an up-tempo, “My Apartment” is a bittersweet comic song about romantic hope and disappointment in the big city.  The lyrics are consistently smart, and the ending is both funny and touching.



Music by: Divya Maus
Lyrics by: Richard Hanson

From their dramatic musical, The Mollyhouse, comes this song of self-discovery. Teenage Josephine, otherwise powerless in an oppressive world, finds herself alone and suddenly free to express who she truly is. She transforms into the boy, Finnick. Removing her corset becomes a revelatory moment for her.  The accompaniment to this song is so beautiful but purposefully sparce, leaving lots of room for a mezzo to fly above vocally.


Morning Light

Music & Lyrics by: David Reiffel
Performed by: Melinda Stanford

We love the folk feel of this lovely ballad from David Reiffel (The original setting for this song are the hills of West Virginia). From Cornerstone Theatre Company’s adaptation of Chekhov’s Three Sisters called Three Sisters from West Virginia, the singer prepares to leave home and love forever.


Check back next week for our Legit Tenor Anthology!

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