Featured Five, Vol. 20 – Spring is Here (I Hear!)

They saying goes: “If we had no winter, the Spring would not be as pleasant.” After the winter we’ve had here in the Northeast, we couldn’t be happier to be enjoying longer days, melting slush piles, and finally being able to safely pack away our winter coats. The first warm day seems to put everyone in a better mood — even here in apathetic New York City. To celebrate this jubilant change of season, we thought we’d dedicate this edition of our Featured Five to showcasing five songs that celebrate the Springtime and that all it has to offer.

Sunscreen and Shaving Cream

Music & Lyrics by: Brandon Sturiale
Perfect for: Baritone
Performed by: Tony Edgerton

We love this funny country ballad about a poor fella whose gal up and left him with only two items in the medicine cabinet: sunscreen and shaving cream. Because it’s a country tune, the story, of course, does not have a happy ending. We love the lyric: “I’m checking out express / With ten items or less / ‘Cause that’s all I need / To get over you.”


Music by: Tom Caruso
Lyrics by: Michael Cooper
Perfect for: High Belt/Mix
Performed by: Amy Linden

This pop rock ballad by writing team Tom Caruso and Michael Cooper uses the hummingbird as a metaphor for the excitement of a woman who is ready to break free. We love the driving hook and the song is a great opportunity a  high belt/mixer to really show off and soar.

Love Walks In

Music by: Donald Codden
Lyrics by: Leah Miles
Perfect For: Broadway Baritone
Performed by: Claybourne Elder

How could we talk about Spring without a song about love?! We love the Golden Age feel of this beautiful song by Donald Codden and Leah Miles. Simple and moving and a great possible audition song for a Baritone leading man.

One White Dress

Music & Lyrics by: John Bucchino
Perfect for: Legit Mezzo
Performed by: Lindsay Mendez

Spring is also wedding season! This beautiful song from “A Catered Affair” by the brilliant, John Bucchino, finds a reluctant bride going into a bridal shop and finding something unusual happening when she finds herself among all those white dresses. His accompaniment is so simple and yet so intricate at the same time (don’t try to bring this one to an audition, ladies!).

Spring Cleaning

Music by: Chris Miller
Lyrics by: Nathan Tysen
Perfect for: High Belt/Mix
Performed by: Molly Hager 

This girl is cleaning more than her apartment. From their show “Fugitive Songs,” “Spring Cleaning” tells the story of a woman who decides to throw out her relationship along with her trash. Miller & Tysen are the kings of power pop rock songs and this song doesn’t disappoint with its great beat as well as really funny lyrics.

All of these songs, and many more, are available for purchase and download on ContemporaryMusicialTheatre.com.


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