Featured Five, Vol. 19 – Hear What’s New

One of my favorite things about ContemporaryMusicalTheatre.com is that it is constantly growing and changing. We have a rolling admission policy for songs and writers so we’re always adding something new.

I make it a point every month to spend some time listening to all the new material on the site — whether it’s a new song added by a writer(s) already on our site, or discovering someone new. This is great news for our subscribers too. Did you know you can sort by “Added” on our “Search Songs” tab to see all the songs that were most recently added? If you’re a regular visitor this is a quick way to find out what’s new.

Today I’ll do the work for you and share 5 great new songs on the site. A few are from writers new to our site. The others are new songs from writers who have been with us for a while. Give them a listen then head over to our site to purchase the sheet music to these songs and discover hundreds more.


Music & Lyrics by: Billy Recce
Perfect for: Legit Soprano, Soprano Mix, or Legit Mezzo
Performed by: Allison Strong

Billy Recce
Billy Recce

Billy Recce is a new writer to our site, having just joined us in February. In this bittersweet, pop/rock ballad, a young woman returns to the empty house of a loved one she has since lost. We love the simplicity and emptiness of the accompaniment which leaves plenty of room for the performer to showcase her voice and her storytelling.


Music & Lyrics by: Mike Pettry
Perfect for: Broadway Baritone, Belt Tenor
Performed by: Booth Daniels

Mike Pettry headshot
Mike Pettry

Another new writer to our site, Mike Pettry, brings us this fun comedic ballad. We love the build up to this guy’s “dirty secret” at the end of the first chorus. But what we really love is Mike’s ability to maintain the tension throughout the rest of the song.


Music by: Ben Bonnema
Lyrics by: Christopher Staskel
Perfect for: Soprano Mix, Legit Mezzo

Performed by: Amanda Savan

Ben Bonnema
Ben Bonnema

This ethereal ballad comes from One Way, a musical by Ben Bonnema and Chris Staskel about a woman who chooses to go on a one-way Mars mission. Ben has been a part of CMT.com for a while but we’re thrilled to have just added this song to our roster. It’s sung by Elaine, who watches her partner accept this mission and grapples with the state of their relationship. In this song, her partner has just left for a training simulation and she struggles to fill her days.

Wa Ba Do

Music & Lyrics by: Creighton Irons
Perfect for: Soprano Mix & Tenor
Performed by: Aaron Lavigne & Hannah Elless

Creighton Irons
Creighton Irons

 Another recent addition to our site is Nashville-based composer/lyricist, Creighton Irons. This song “Wa Ba Doo” is such a catchy pop/rock uptempo duet — we dare you not to keep humming it after listening!



Let It Take You

Music by: Jeff Thomson
Lyrics by: Sammy Buck
Perfect for: Legit Tenor
Performed by: Ryan Edward Armstrong

Jeff Thomson & Sammy Buck

Sammy Buck has been a writer on  our site for a while, but this is a newly added song with writing partner, Jeff Thomson. “Let It Take You” is a song based on an unlikely musical source: Stephen King’s “It.” An early iconic scene in the book inspired this song of the older brother guiding his younger brother in making a paper boat, which the latter sees as merely a piece of paper but the older brother sees as a world to explore.


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