Our Fifth Anniversary Concert Celebration

The 25 musical theatre writers represented at our concert

On Monday, March 5, 2018 ContemporaryMusicalTheatre.com celebrated its Fifth Anniversary with a star-studded concert at The Green Room 42 in New York City. With 25 exceptional musical theatre writers, and 28 outstanding performers, it was truly an amazing evening.

For those of you who were unable to attend (or for those who were there and just want to relive all the fabulousness!) we thought we’d share some of the songs and performances.

Thanks to Shoshana Feinstein of Famous in NY for these great videos. If you’re ever in need of a videographer — look no further. She’s the best. And if you’ve not yet visited The Green Room 42 — you should. It’s a great new addition to the New York City cabaret scene, run by the awesome Daniel Dunlow. And of course, thanks to our awesome MD, Drew Wutke, who played for many of the performers.

All the sheet music for these songs is (or will be soon!) available for sale to subscribers of our site. So if you’re not a subscriber already, we’re hope this will be all the incentive you need to sign up.

We are so proud of all the work we’ve done at CMT these past five years: Our site has grown to over 180 writers and almost 600 songs, David and Laura are teaching masterclasses and workshops all over the world, and they wrote a book about auditioning for college musical theatre programs! We can’t wait to see what the next five years brings!

For now, enjoy some great contemporary musical theatre songs!

With The Right Music

Music by: Tim Rosser
Lyrics by: Charlie Sohne
Performed by: Daniel Quadrino with Caitlin Doak, Dean Anthony Cestari,
and Michael Hajjar
At the piano: Drew Wutke


 The Natural Order of Things

Music by: Paul Loesel
Lyrics by: Scott Burkell
Performed by: Adrienne Eller & David Scott Purdy
At the piano: Drew Wutke


Jackie’s a Sweetheart

Music & Lyrics by: Andy Roninson
Performed by: Caitlin Houlihan
At the piano: Andy Roninson

The Best Things in Life

Music & Lyrics by: Beth Falcone
Performed by: Mark Lanham
At the piano: Beth Falcone

What The Fuck

Music & Lyrics by: Tor & Lisa
Performed by: Lisa Rothauser
At the piano: Tor Hyams

Sewn Into You

Music by: Divya Maus
Lyrics by: Richard Hanson
Performed by: Christopher Higgins & Max Meyers
At the piano: Drew Wutke

The Shore

Music & Lyrics by: Creighton Irons
Performed by: Dillon McPherson & Natalie Ortega
At the piano: Drew Wutke

The Best Thing I Can Do

Music by: Russ Kaplan
Lyrics by: Sara Wordsworth
Performed by: Becky Gulsvig
At the piano: Drew Wutke


Music by: Ryan Korell
Lyrics by: Jonathan Keebler
Performed by: Scott McCreary
At the piano: Ryan Korell

He Smiles

Music & Lyrics by: Zak Sandler
Performed by: Chelsea Williams
At the piano: Zak Sandler


Music & Lyrics by: Alex Ratner
Performed by: Melissa Rose Hirsch & Celeste Rose
At the piano: Alex Ratner


Music by: Rona Siddiqui
Lyrics by: Liz Suggs
Performed by: Wesley Barnes
At the piano: Rona Siddiqui

Stranger in my House

Music by: Mary-Mitchell Campbell
Lyrics by: Leslie Becker
Performed by: Elizabeth Ward Land
At the piano: Drew Wutke

In Winter Air

Music & Lyrics by: Ben Bonnema
Performed by: Chris Dwan
At the piano: Drew Wutke

Say Something

Music & Lyrics by: Brett Ryback
Performed by: Ana Marcu & Nasia Thomas
At the piano: Drew Wutke

Side by Side

Music & Lyrics by: Janine McGuire & Arri Lawton Simon
Performed by: Marialena DiFabbio with Janine McGuire & Arri Lawton Simon
At the piano: Arri Lawton Simon

Be Like Lindbergh

Music by: Joe Kinosian
Lyrics by: Kellen Blair
Performed by: Joe Kinosian, Janice Landry, Martin Landry, Sarah Ziegler, and Kellen Blair
At the piano: Joe Kinosian


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