Featured Five, Vol. 17 – More New Songs!

featured five newIt’s been a very exciting year for ContemporaryMusicalTheatre.com. Not only are we celebrating our fifth anniversary (What is that? Wood? Someone look that up…), we have been growing by leaps and bounds!

Thanks to your hunger for contemporary musical theatre songs, we have paid writers over three times more money in the last year than in 2016, when we started selling sheet music on the site. And every last cent of that money goes to the writers. People said it couldn’t be done, but we stuck to our guns and have made a unique, viable business model that doesn’t take advantage of the writer. We’re super proud of that.

Also, in the last month alone, we will have added almost 50 new songs to site. It’s been a lot of work, but really rewarding. Some songs are by new writers while others are by current writers looking to fill out their portfolio.

Here are just five of the great new songs available on our site.

Divya Maus Headshot 2Black, Black Night

From: The Mollyhouse
Music by: Divya Maus
Lyrics by: Richard Hanson
Perfect for: Baritone
Performed by: Max Meyers

We’re suckers for jazzy film noir-esque songs like this one. Divya (who was our first intern at CMT.com!) creates a very specific feel with this musical genre – one that fits in very nicely to her and Hanson’s pop/rock-infused score. It’s a great song for baritone. Have some amazing back-up singers? Even better!


Mike Pettry headshotEverything I Used to Be with You

Music & Lyrics by: Mike Pettry
Perfect for: Legit Mezzo
Performed by: Kaitlyn Davidson

Need a heartbreaking ballad? Here you go! Mike Pettry is a fantastic writer who excels in the contemporary musical theatre and pop/rock idioms with equally successful, specific lyrics. We’re fond of this hook and the way it’s set. Notice how Pettry is able to create dramatic tension without overwriting – he trusts simplicity in the accompaniment and the vocal line, which pays off big time. We’re thrilled to have his songs on our site.


SandlerHe Smiles

From: A Bit Too Much About Me
Music & Lyrics by: Zak Sandler
Perfect for: High Belt/Mix
Performed by: Celeste Rose

Where to start. The piano ostinato is what first caught our attention. And then the major/minor underpinning as the character searches for answers in this story song (beautifully rendered by Celeste Rose). Also notable is the pacing, both lyrically and musically. Great turn on the hook. From beginning to end, this is a fantastic song. And yes… it makes us smile.


Lisa_Tor_Interiors_IIMaybe, Maybe Not

From: Stealing Time
Music & Lyrics by: Tor & Lisa
Perfect for: High Belt/Mix & Baritone
Performed by: Tor & Lisa

There’s nothing like keeping it real! It’s not just the musical flavor (which is totally fun) and the smart lyrics which make us laugh (like, a lot!) – it’s also Tor and Lisa’s delivery.  If only everyone would be this up front when dating! Then again… maybe not.


12039705_10152983688396577_8477326233447486774_nThe Shore

From: The Moon in the Sea
Music & Lyrics by: Creighton Irons
Perfect for: High Belt/Mix & Belt Tenor
Performed by: Hannah Elless & Aaron Lavigne

Move over, Bright Star! We are just wild for Creighton’s country/folk voice. This duet features exciting harmonies and some pretty stellar key changes. If you like this, you should check out the entire musical, which you can find by clicking here.



We have so many more new songs on the ContemporaryMusicalTheatre.com and hope you’ll check them out. Remember you can search by what’s been recently added, as well as by voice and song type. And check back soon, because we have another huge bunch of songs to tell you all about!


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