Songs of Thanks

Laura Josepher and David Sisco
photo by Maria Postigo

There’s no doubt there’s lots of craziness happening in the world right now. Lately, I find I wake up and actually feel a moment of panic before turning on the news or opening my laptop and logging into Facebook. A good night’s sleep can feel ruined pretty quickly. And now with the holiday season officially beginning, I feel the the impending expectation to be “spirited” and that just makes me stressed!

In an effort to ward off that anxiety, we here at want to remind to you to slow down, breathe, and remember to look for the love and good in your world. (It’s out there. We promise.) To do our part, we thought we’d share a few song of thanks to lighten your mood and hopefully, brighten your day.

We wish you and yours a happy and restful Thanksgiving!

~Laura & David

Thank God for Miracles

From: The Night Before
Music By: Patrick Cook
Lyrics by:  Frederick Freyer
Perfect for: Broadway Baritone

The main character in this show, a recently fired department store Santa Claus who has just found an abandoned bag that somehow contains whatever gift someone wants (this is an adaptation of a classic “Twilight Zone” episode), is celebrating his newfound, inexplicable ability to help people who need it. We could definitely all use some miracles right now!

I Want To Thank You

From: Boys Will Be Boys
Music by: Kenneth Kacmar
Lyrics by: Joe Miloscia
Perfect For: Legit Tenor & Broadway Baritone

Ah love! What better kind of thank you than a duet celebrating love and romance. “Thanks for the sweetness / And understanding. / Thank for the hope you helped renew. / I want to thank you for letting me love you.” 

Good News, Mrs. Davenport

Music by: Joe Kinosian
Lyrics by: Kellen Blair
Perfect For: Legit Mezzo
Performed by: Joe Kinosian

You’re nothing if you don’t have your health, right? That’s definitely something to be thankful for! In this song, the doctor assures dear Mrs. Davenport that she should indeed be grateful for her current status… or should she?!

Grandma’s Cooking

From: MuseMatch: A Musical Theatre Blind Date
Words and Music by: Spencer Robelen
Perfect for: Legit Tenor
Performed by: Devin Ilaw

This is a love song from a young man to his grandma who loved nothing more than to cook and see her grandson eat. He learns that what grandma was really serving was love. That’s something we all should remember as we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanks to you for being our devoted readers and subscribers. We are so grateful for you!


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