Featured Five, Vol. 16 – See What’s New!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a Featured Five blog. We’ve added so many new songs and writers to the site in the past few months, we kind of want to show off! So here’s just a sampling of some of the great new work you can find on our site. If you’re not familiar with these writers — you should be. Subscribers to our site can purchase and download sheet music for these and hundreds more great contemporary musical theatre songs right now on ContemporaryMusicalTheatre.com.  If you’re not a subscriber yet — what are you waiting for? Sign up here. Annual, Monthly, and 3-Day subscriptions are available.

For now, listen to some great new musical theatre songs you’re going to be humming all day.


From: Starblasters
Music & Lyrics by: Benjamin Velez
Perfect for: Belt Tenor
Performed by: Benjamin Velez

Sometimes never wanting to grow up is not a good thing. Like for 27 year old Neil, who is six years out of college, unemployed, and back home living in his parents’ attic “just for a while.” Benjamin Velez matches thoughtful and funny lyrics with a catchy uptempo accompaniment in this awesome song for a young belt tenor. The song tells a complete story as Neil begins the song complaining and ends the song with the realization that maybe Mom and Dad have some advice worth listening to.

I Love You More

Music & Lyrics by:
Janine McGuire and Arri Lawton Simon 
Perfect for: Anyone! (transpositions available)
Performed by: Arri Lawton Simon 

From the songwriting team of Janine McGuire and Arri Lawton Simon comes “I Love You More,” a great up-tempo song that has fun topping itself using just the phrase “I love you more than…” My personal favorite rhyme is, “I love you more than Game of Thrones / or buttered scones / or Leslie Jones / or even Jones comma Norah.” This song can be equally great for any voice type (the writers have even included alternate lyrics for gender bending, and transpositions are available) so everyone can sing about being in love.

How to Get Somewhere

Music by: Ryan Korell
Lyrics by: Jonathan Keebler
Perfect for: High Belt/Mix
Performed by: Amanda Blair

Ryan Korell and Jonathan Keebler wrote this pop/rock infused story song for a High Belt Mixer.  It’s the story of a woman who has always been pushing forward and striving for an adventure. Here, she tells her boyfriend her life story and invites him on her next adventure: taking the next step in their relationship. It’s a great song to show off your belt, a lyric line, and that you can sing pop/rock while telling a story. Whew! Who doesn’t a love a song that can do all that?!

I Listen

From: In Between
Music & Lyrics by: Alanya Bridge
Perfect For: High Belt/Mix 
Performed by: Mikki Sodergren 

This dramatic ballad from writer Alanya Bridge has a truly ethereal quality. The lyrics are poetic and the melody is haunting. A great choice if you’re looking for a contemporary musical theatre song with a real singer/songwriter vibe.

Something I Just Like About You

From: Brooklyn Crush (formerly F#%king Up Everything)
Music & Lyrics by: David Eric Davis
Perfect for: Mezzo & Baritone
Performed by: Katherine Cozumel and Max Crumm

This sweet comic duet for a mezzo & baritone is from David Eric Davis and Sam Forman’s indie rock musical comedy, Brooklyn Crush. The show is an old-fashioned boy-meets-girl love story about Brooklyn Hipsters, one of whom (of course) plays the ukelele!


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