Anthology, Volume 15: Comedic Ballad (Women)

AlexandraDavid-126Have you been following our latest blog series, featuring five awesome contemporary songs by genre? If you haven’t, click on the corresponding links to find wonderful (under-performed) songs that deserve your attention: Dramatic Up-Tempo, Dramatic Ballad, Comedic Up-Tempo (Women), Comedic Up-Tempo (Men). Remember: all these songs are available for purchase and immediate download on our site!

This week, we’re going to continue our exploration of comedic songs, this time featuring ballads for women. These songs (and their writers) trust the pace of their comedy and the result is pretty delish!

Again, it’s important to underscore just how challenging it is to write a good comedy song. Lots of people can have a funny idea. But to see it through, have the jokes land in the same place while remaining in the structure of a rhyme and song form is incredibly challenging. That’s why we marvel at a song like “You Can Always Count on Me” from City of Angels (not to mention Randy Graff’s flawless delivery). David Zippel, you are a god among men! How did you do that?!

OK – back to our writers. Enjoy these five great songs for women:

A Few Words
Music & Lyrics: Rona Siddiqui
Performed by: Sarah Stiles

Why can’t I be a high belt/mixer?! If I was, I would sing this song, which I think is the best send-up of nonsensical holiday songs EVER! If you want to move beyond the world-weary “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”, please do yourself the favor and consider Rona’s cleverly written gem. Move over, Rosemary Clooney! There’s a new broad in town, who’s scatting her way into the hearts of tipsy cabaret mavens everywhere!

Good Christian Girls
Music by: Anna Dagmar
Lyrics by: Kevin Wanzor
Performed by: Shanna Lesniak

While this song might strike a little close to home for those growing up in a conservative household, we find it hilarious. Notice how Kevin sets up the joke in the lyric: Good Christian girls do this (fairly reasonable), this (fairly reasonable), and this (ummm… OK), and finally this (ZING!). Add to this Anna’s delicious Edward Scissorhand’s-esque waltz, complete with bizarre melodic turns and… presto! You have a clearly delineated character we can laugh at (or fear, again, depending on your experience…).

It’s My Job (from Small Town Story)
Music by: Brandon James Gwinn
Lyrics by: Sammy Buck
Performed by: Joanna Young

Is there anything harder than parenthood?? This song for legit mezzo finds situational humor and a healthy dose of honesty in the challenges of finding the different ways to “screw up better” as a parent. What makes this song so charming is the forthrightness (is that a word??) of the text setting and the accompaniment. I’d buy this mom an ice-cold New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and say, “Hang in there, lady. I hear it gets better… and better…”

Make Him Mine (Neurosis: The Musical)
Music by: Ben Green
Lyrics by: Greg Edwards
Performed by: Christina Bianco

We’ve featured this song before. Why are we featuring it again? Because it’s damn funny! It’s one thing to have lyrics that continually top themselves (and this does). It’s yet another to have an accompaniment that has its own musical jokes on top of that. This song is perfect for a young legit mezzo you knows how to earnestly delivery a funny song (making it funnier still). Ben and Greg sell other great songs from Neurosis: A New Musical on our site. Make sure to check those out as well.

A Post Card
Music by: Ben Schaechter
Lyrics by: Dan Kael
Performed by: Michele Pawk

Belt mezzos, we haven’t forgotten about you. Listen to Michele Pawk (goddess!) sing what seems like a love song but is really the most pathological denial anyone could possibly attain in three minutes. And let’s face it: we don’t want to personally experience stuff like this, but it’s sure as hell funny when others do. Schadenfreude, anyone? Enjoy this morsel from a smartly understated writing team who knows how to gently lob one over the comic volleyball net.

Gents, check back next week for our five favorite comedic ballads! Happy singing, everyone!


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