Anthology, Volume Nine: Teen Guys

AlexandraDavid-126There’s often a disparity between what a teen guy should sing and what they end up singing. Hearing most of the auditions for Marymount Manhattan College’s musical theatre program, I see this all the time. We hear a lot of songs that are meant for guys 10 or more years older than the performer’s age.

That’s not to say it’s not tricky. It is, especially for anyone with a developing voice. But the great news is there actually are great age-appropriate songs out there. Good, well-written, under-sung material. And we’re happy to highlight 5 of those for you. Subscribe and you can purchase and download the sheet music right now. You’ll want to know these and the 550+ other great songs we have on our site.


Music by: Brad Alexander
Lyrics by: Helen Chayefsky
Performed by: Brad Alexander

The first thing you’ll notice about this song is Brad Alexander’s infectious, driving accompaniment, which is as fun to play as it sounds. It’s a great piece for a young tenor who know how to mix well and can match the drive of the song. Wonderful vocal writing and specific lyrics abound, sharing a story any young singer would be happy to tell.

I Can Tell Time
Music by: Ben Schaechter
Lyrics by: Dan Kael
Performed by: Tom Keeling

This is perfect for a young tenor who wants to pack an emotional punch. Ben Schaechter has penned the perfect melody for this beautifully crafted lyric by Dan Kael. Notice the lyricism great for a young voice and the simplicity of the piano accompaniment, which never gets in the way of the vocal line. Such smart writing – makes me wish I was a tenor!

Like it Here
Music by: Danny Larsen
Lyrics by: Michelle Elliott
Performed by: Connor Russell

If you’re not familiar with Elliott & Larsen’s THE HINTERLANDS, get thee to YouTube and watch this powerful web musical about a gay teen navigating high school in a small midwestern town. While the song serves up a hefty load of pathos, it is a gem for a smart singing actor who can navigate the more belty bridge section. What the song does so well is keep the music and lyrics sparse so the weight of the character’s question is more impactful. Beautifully executed writing.

Mr. Potato Head
Music & Lyrics by: Barry Wyner
Performed by: Noah Weisburg

Barry Wyner’s CALVIN BERGER (a fun and poignant adaptation of Cirano de Bergerac) brings to life a self-effacing teen baritone (Calvin) who longs for a different face. This brief song has a incredibly clever lyrics (“you beautiful spud, you vegetable stud”) with music that doesn’t languish in sentimentality of it, but makes us want to know more about the character and, indeed, root for him.

Why Can’t I Kiss You?
Music & Lyrics by: Jeff Blumenkrantz
Performed by: Jeff Blumenkrantz

There are a short list of about 20 songs on the site I wish I wrote. I will admit this is one of them. A perfect song for a teen baritone with a developed upper register, the singer can easily transport themselves to yesteryear with this contemporary classic. Lavishly melodic, it asks the age-old question of so many young lovers. The fact some of us adults are also asking it… well, that’s another song.


Sadly, this ends our “Anthology” series for now. We’re grateful for the tremendous feedback we’ve received with it and for all the music that has been purchased in the last 2 months. Remember: the full sale price of the song goes directly to the writer when purchased on our site – we’re the only company doing that. By getting excited about new work and great writers, you’re helping support them so they can create more wonderful songs. We think that’s pretty awesome.

Check back soon, because we’re going to use the “Anthology” series to highlight songs by different character types (ingenue, best friend, character, etc…). There’s so much more repertoire to highlight. We can’t wait to share it with you!


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