Anthology, Volume Six: Teen Girls

Laura Josepher
~Laura Josepher

With more kids discovering their love of musical theatre at younger ages, the need for more age-appropriate repertoire has increased (We can only listen to so many Little Red Riding Hoods and Annies). So recently we put a call out to our writers and asked them to submit some of their songs for youth and teens. We’re happy to report they answered our call! Today’s blog features five songs that are all are just right for youth and teen girls.

If you’re a subscriber to, you can purchase and download the sheet music for these songs right from our site. If you’re haven’t signed up yet, you can do it now here. You can find these and over 550+ more songs by 180+ writers, all searchable by voice and song type.

So here are five fabulous teen girl songs that will make you stand out from the crowd:


When I Sing In My Car
Music by: Joey Contreras
Lyrics by: Liz Suggs
Performed by: Rebecca Naomi Jones

The girl in this song is a bit of an introvert, but when she gets in her car she really lets loose. This funny, pop/rock infused song gives you a chance to show off two sides of yourself and two sides of your voice – sweet and sassy. It’s a great audition choice for any pop/rock audition.

Find You
Music by: Anna Dagmar
Lyrics by: Kevin Wanzor
Performed by: Taylor Richardson

Inspired by the work of HelpUsAdopt, this beautiful song is a love song about family. It’s a perfect way for a young performer to get a chance to tell a whole story, though it could easily be cut for an audition.

Just Once
Music & Lyrics by: Rebecca Greenstein
Performed by: Kelly Brown

Rebecca Greenstein’s fairy tale project involves a prince and a girl under a spell. The spell renders the girl unable to disobey any direct orders. Frustrated with her father, she tries to disobey him. This song has a real Golden Age feel and would be appropriate replacement for standard repertoire.

Music by: Chris Miller
Lyrics by: Nathan Tysen
Performed by: Sarah Charles Lewis

From Miller & Tysen’s recent Broadway show, Tuck Everlasting based on the beloved children’s book, this song finds the show’s heroine, Winnie Foster, at a major crossroads in her life. Winnie has a big decision to make and this dramatic ballad gives the performer a great platform to show her leading lady chops.

Be a Little Wild
Music by: Daniel Aquisto
Lyrics by: Sammy Buck
Performed by: Rebecca Soler

Buck & Acquisto’s Like You Like It is based on Shakespeare’s As You Like It. In this song, high school senior Rosalind is a straight-A babe who wants to go to the big dance at the mall with senior varsity wrestler Orlando. But she has never had the guts to talk to him. Rosalind’s best friend Celia urges her to stop playing everything so safe. This fun up-tempo pop/rock song perfectly shows the angst of a teen girl. (The album is now available for pre-order on Broadway Records).

* * *

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Next week’s Anthology blog: Belt Tenors.


To find these and over 550+ more songs by 180+ writers, all searchable by voice and song type, visit Explore. Listen. Buy. Download.

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    1. Hi Amy – it’s available for purchase (along with over 550 other songs) on our site: You can subscribe at three different levels (3 days, 1 month, 1 year) and then purchase the music directly from Anna & Kevin, who will get 100% of the sale price. We’re really proud of that. I hope you’ll join us! Best, David

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