Anthology, Volume Four: Broadway Baritone

Laura Josepher
~Laura Josepher

For Volume Four of our Anthology series we are featuring the Broadway Baritone. Sometimes the bad boy, and sometimes the leading man, the Broadway Baritone repertoire really spans the spectrum. But while we love to listen to you croon “The Impossible Dream,” there are so many great less performed songs out there for you to “wow” us with.

As with all blogs in our Anthology series, today we are featuring five songs that don’t appear in any published anthologies. (If you missed the first three volumes of our Anthology series you can catch up here). If you’re a subscriber to, you can purchase and download the sheet music right from our site. If you’re not yet a subscriber, what are you waiting for? Sign up here!

So here are five fabulous and diverse Broadway Baritone songs you can add to your book:

Broadway Baritone

It Just Wasn’t Meant to Happen
Music & Lyrics by: Barry Wyner
Performed by: Nick Blaemire

This song is from Barry Wyner’s show, Calvin Berger, which is loosely based on Cyrano De Bergerac. Calvin thinks he and Rosanna have a date only to find out she has feelings for someone else. Perfect for a high school performer, this sweet song of heartbreak has a moderate accompaniment that is very audition friendly. We were lucky enough to capture Nick Blaemire singing this song at our concert benefiting the Dramatists Guild Fund back in 2013.

Boat to The Highway
Music by: David Sisco
Lyrics by: Tom Gualtieri
Performed by: Cole Burden

Written to benefit the After The Storm Foundation, this song was inspired by an interview with a Hurricane Katrina survivor. Rangy and dramatic, it’s not a super easy song to sing, but if you can nail it you can be sure to make a big impression.

In Winter Air
Music & Lyrics by: Ben Bonnema
Performed by: Ben Bonnema

From his slumber party musical, Boys Who Tricked Me, this gentle love song by Ben Bonnema is about waking up next to your lover in the midwinter. The harmony is simple and sweet, and it gives a baritone a chance to show off his lighter, softer side.

You Make My Brain Work Right
Music & Lyrics by: Daniel Maté

Looking for something comedic? This fun, jazzy uptempo finds a man pleading mental instability as a rebuttal to being broken up with. A great character song that’s fun to sing.

The Best Things in Life
Music & Lyrics by: Beth Falcone
Performed by: Jerry Lanning

This beautiful ballad is meant for an older actor. The character has lost his long time mate of 30 years. Hoarding has caused his apartment to be too cluttered, out of control. It’s poignant and sweet and gives a performer chance to share a complete short story.

We have plenty more where these came from, both for Broadway Baritones and for every other voice type (including youth and teens!). Come check out our website.

And stay tuned for the next week’s Anthology: Belt Mezzo.


To find these and over 550+ more songs by 180+ writers, all searchable by voice and song type, visit Explore. Listen. Buy. Download.

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