Featured Five, Vol. 12 – A (Sorta) Love Song

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“If I Loved You”, “Say It Somehow”, “Not A Day Goes By”…. there are lots of ways to write a musical theatre love song. This month’s “Featured Five” salutes the love song in all its forms: from simple to unrequited, from unapologetic to slightly crazed. They all say “I love you” in their own way and we’re happy to share them with you. Isn’t It Romantic?!

Five to Eleven 

Joshua H. Cohen
Joshua H. Cohen

from Entropy Songs

Music & Lyrics by: Joshua H. Cohen

Perfect for: Broadway Baritone

“Five to Eleven” is a standalone cabaret song inspired by the summary of every musical comedy plot attributed to Elliot Norton: “Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back at five to eleven for the finale.” It emerged into the world as (appropriately enough) the eleven o’clock number in my song cycle “The Entropy Songs.” It was later beautifully orchestrated by Matt Castle for his cabaret debut “Who Am I Anyway?” It’s consistently been my most popular cabaret song for a male voice.

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I Just Want to Watch TV with You

Kieth Varney
Keith Varney
Kevin Wanzor
Kevin Wanzor

Music by: Keith Varney

Lyrics by: Kevin Wanzor

Perfect for: Belt Tenor

“I Just Want to Watch TV with You” was written as a standalone song for a concert event. The goal was to write an honest, modern love song, that addressed a less romantic, less “moon” and “June” kind of love. It was written as part of a The Collaboration Project, a concert series in which one lyricist (or composer) teams up with several disparate collaborators (with varying backgrounds, experience and influences) and writes a song with each one.

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If He Loves Me

Todd Syswerda
Todd Syswerda

from Where Fortunes Lie

Music & Lyrics by: Todd Syswerda

Perfect for: Legit Soprano

“If He Loves Me” is a powerful ballad that finds Grace Fisher, the main character in Where Fortunes Lie, in a discussion with herself, trying to balance the pros and cons of loving and being loved.  Through much of her life she has felt as though “love” was something with strings attached and, therefore, became detached from the prospect of ever feeling the true meaning.  When she overhears someone state that he loves her, she wonders how she is capable and worthy of receiving the purity of true love.

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A Sorta Love Song

Burkell & Loesel
Burkell & Loesel

from The Extraordinary Ordinary

Music by: Paul Loesel
Lyrics by: Scott Burkell

Perfect for: Low Voice (Mezzo or Baritone)

“A Sorta Love Song” is from our musical The Extraordinary Ordinary and is for a character, Kate, who is dealing with a boyfriend, Stu, who her pals see as less than perfect. Kate decides to  make a list of Stu’s qualities, good and bad, to help her sort out her feelings and possibly aid in her decision about what their future holds. Stu and his many shortcomings were actually based on the complaints that I had heard over the years from the mouths of my friends who were frustrated with their various partners. “He eats beef jerky” and “He owns a chainsaw” were always particular favorites of mine and hence made an appearance in Kate’s list.”

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Where is the Girl

Randy Klein
Randy Klein
Matthew Hardy
Matthew Hardy

from Flambé Dreams

Music by: Randy Klein
Lyrics by: Matthew Hardy

Perfect for: Broadway Baritone

“Where is the Girl (in the white cotton lab coat)” is a serio-comic song that we wrote for a character suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder who can’t tell the difference between his need for consistency in his life and having romantic feelings for someone.

Joe has created a routine of starting his day with a visit to the local Duane Reade pharmacy. He arrives one morning to discover that Gloria, his favorite pharmacist, no longer works there.

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