Featured Five, Vol. 11 – It Takes Two

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We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are off to a great start this New Year! As we look back, we see our last Featured Five blog was in… October. Whoops! What can we say – it’s been a busy couple months!

So, this month we thought we’d give you two for one by featuring some great new duets recently added to our website. We continue to grow from our over 400 solo songs, adding duets and songs for youth and teens each month. From our budding selection of duets, we’re happy to offer up these five wonderful songs, which will surely get your year off to a great start!

All I See

From Pride & Prejudice – The Musical
Music & Lyrics: Lawrence Rush
Lawrence Rush
Lawrence Rush

Perfect for: Legit Mezzo & Broadway Baritone

“All I See” was written later in the process of writing Pride & Prejudice – The Musical. Several people felt I needed a big duet at the end of the show for Elizabeth and Darcy after Elizabeth finally accepts his marriage proposal. Before I wrote this song, there was a bit of a duet that led into an ensemble ending, but it never felt satisfying. “All I See” replaced that ending and then became one of the most popular songs in the show. It’s been performed in cabarets, which I’m very grateful  for. In the show itself, the song does turn into a company number, but I feel this duet version works quite nicely on its own. And it makes a great wedding song!

For more information, click here.

Mile After Mile

From See Rock City & Other Destinations
Music: Brad Alexander
Lyrics: Adam Mathias
Brad Alexander
Brad Alexander
Adam Mathias
Adam Mathias

Perfect for: Belt Mezzo & Broadway Baritone

“Mile After Mile” is from our Drama Desk Award winning musical See Rock City & Other Destinations, a collection of musical short stories set at tourist destinations across America. Two travelers hike to the top of Lovers Leap at Rock City where a sign informs them they can “See seven states.” Looking out, she can see endless possibilities while he can only see endless lonely roads yet to be traveled.

Written early on, this song remains one of our favorites from the show.  You can hear Mamie Parris (Ragtime, Wicked nat. tour) and Bryce Ryness (First Date, Leap of Faith, Hair) knock the song out of the park on the Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording now available on iTunes and Amazon.

For more information, click here.

No Spring Chicken

Bradford Proctor
Bradford Proctor

Music & Lyrics: Bradford Proctor

Perfect for: Teen Alto & Teen Baritone

I love writing songs where kids talk or sing as if they were adults.  The inspiration for “No Spring Chicken” comes from the premise that two kids think they’ve already peaked – they’ve been through it all and might be ready to throw in the towel and get together.  It’s meant to be an ironically wry satire, playful and ultimately just a flirtatious and charming song that two people of any age can sing.  Have fun with it!

For more information, click here.

An Ordinary Girl

  From Go Green!
Music: Mary Feinsinger
Lyrics: Joan Ross Sorkin
Mary Feinsinger
Mary Feinsinger
Joan Ross Sorkin
Joan Ross Sorkin

Perfect for: Soprano Mix & Broadway Baritone

“An Ordinary Girl” appears in our new family musical Go Green! Prince Charming’s Quest for Love and Ecology in NYC. Our modern-day Prince Charming is so involved with his ecology group, Go Green, that he doesn’t have time to think about love, much to the dismay of his parents. In “Ordinary Girl” P.C. confides a secret to his best friend, his talking-singing dog Rosie.

“An Ordinary Girl” is a love song that’s not a love song. We didn’t want to write a ballad in this spot in the show, even though P.C. and Rosie are both singing about love (and they do land up together at the end when Rosie turns into a princess–surprise ending–shh!). So we wrote an up-tempo duet to fit their platonic relationship at this moment. It passes as a charm song too, so add some soft shoe to make it even more fun! So if you are looking for an adorable duet for an audition or as a stand-alone performance or cabaret number, think of “An Ordinary Girl.”

For more information, click here.

Our Little Swedish Home

Zak Sandler
Zak Sandler
Greg Edwards
Greg Edwards

From Split Decision

Music: Zak Sandler
Lyrics: Greg Edwards

Perfect for: Two Broadway Baritones

“Our Little Swedish Home” is a quirky love ballad sung by a young couple who has just moved in together.  With their whole future in front of them, they seek to build a life and Ikea furniture.

We wrote this song for Split Decision, a split-reality musical that illustrates how just one choice can ripple through the universe to shape our lives, the people around us, and the people we might have been.

For more information, click here.


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