A Love Letter to Our Writers

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Dear Writers,

In January 2012, I had a crazy idea: I wanted to help writers get their songs out into the world. I knew teachers and students were looking for them and the writers deserved to earn income for their great work.

As I’ve stated here many times, publishing companies are often too big to represent what would probably be considered more boutique songs or shows. They must make sure their selection books will be in demand across the United States. It’s perfectly understandable where business models are concerned, but it leaves a lot of wonderful repertoire in the dark. This rep either goes unnoticed or is pirated by ignorant performing artists, stealing income away from the writers who wrote and rewrote (and rewrote) the songs. I knew there had to be some way to change that.

With Lorene Phillips I created a hard copy of The Directory of Contemporary Musical Theatre Writers, a curated resource which allows subscribers to search songs by voice and song type. We started with over 150 writers and 300 songs in the resource, which we took to the 2012 NATS Convention in Orlando as a poster presentation. It was such a big hit, we decided to move the resource online. We worked with our incredibly gifted web designer, Josh Levine, to bring the database to life. A year ago today, we launched www.contemporarymusicaltheatre.com.

Since then, the website has grown by leaps and bounds, as has our following. We’ve added over 100 songs, launched a brand new media wing, produced two star-studded concerts and created a dynamic educational series.

It’s been a hectic first year. I never fathomed this resource would grow or impact me in the way it has. You don’t know how often I sit at my desk in my little Washington Heights studio listening to your songs, wiping away tears of laughter, joy and inspiration. You have moved me. You have made me want to write more than I often allow time for. And I consider it an honor to help introduce others to your songs and shows in whatever way I can.

However the Directory continues to develop, I am certain of one thing: this resource is about celebrating and supporting you. Everything we do must radiate from that essential idea. From a place of gratitude, I thank you for entrusting your beautiful songs to us. We look forward to building more connections, making more opportunities and getting more people to dream on about the possibilities of contemporary musical theatre.

Happy Anniversary!!

David Sisco
Founder & Curator
The Directory of Contemporary Musical Theatre Writers

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