ICVT Conference, Day One: Contemporary Musicals, 2000-2013

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Greetings from Down Under!  The Directory has gone Aussie as David Sisco presents at the International Congress of Voice Teachers in Brisbane, Australia!  We’re thrilled to be live blogging from the conference this week with some fantastic information for contemporary musical theatre lovers.  But first, an announcement:

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know The Directory project started with a simple question: Why is it so hard to find contemporary musical theatre songs?

As we’ve discussed time and time again, many writers, shows and songs get overlooked by publishing companies that are searching for material with broad market appeal. We can’t blame them. Hey, it’s business! That’s why we created The Directory – so that great writers have a chance to get their songs in front of the teachers, students and musical theatre professionals looking for them.

But here’s the scoop: even shows with selection books have a bit of an uphill battle these days. “Just go to Colony Music,” I’d say to my students when they were looking for a song I knew was published. Colony, which used to be housed in the famous Brill Building on 49th & Broadway, closed its doors last fall. I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say there’s not a single musical theatre aficionado in New York who’s stopped mourning the loss of that amazing, expensive institution (though, admittedly, I don’t miss the mark-ups!).

Since we know our audience is equally interested in keeping track of contemporary musicals that have been published, we created a blog post entitled “A ‘Complete’ List of Contemporary Musicals,” a roster of all the relevant musicals from 2000 by genre, along with links to purchase the score, cast album and mp3’s. We also made recommendations of shows we think you should know based on their high level of craft. Fancy, eh?

Apparently you all like it a great deal because it is – by far – our most visited blog, bringing us over 62,000 viewers since we launched it last year!

The problem with creating something so handy is, we have to constantly update it. Thanks to Contributing Editor Lorene Phillips for spending long hours doing just that. You can see the revised blog here.

We hope you continue to find this a useful resource. And when you’re done checking out what’s been published, visit our website to find unsung goodies worth your while!


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