Featured Five, Vol. 3 – Purpose: It’s That Little Word

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Oh, January.  The month that begins a new year of hopes of what we might accomplish.

“I WILL stick to my six-day-a-week exercise routine!”
“I WILL put $100 a week in the bank.”
“I WILL find a husband. Or, at least, a boyfriend!”

Viva la résolution!

This month, our “Featured Five” highlight songs that will give you that swift kick in the pants!  We’ve got everything from folks making the decision to break the mold, to one rather persistent high belt/mixer asking: “What the hell are you doing with you life??”

Either way, these songs are sure to hit the spot.  Enjoy!!

Meant to Be

Ron Barnett, Music
Ron Barnett, Music
Greg Edwards, Lyrics
Greg Edwards, Lyrics

Perfect for: Legit Mezzo

“Meant to Be” is a story song about an actress who has to choose between motherhood and pursuing her career.  Ron and I were inspired to write it because we know actresses and hate children.  For the statisticians among you, the song has a 100% success rate of making women-over-the-age-of-40 cry.  (Disclaimer: 20% of those women gave birth to me).

For more information on this song, click here.

I’m Ready (from Calixte)

Daniel Lincoln, Music & Lyrics
Daniel Lincoln, Music & Lyrics

Perfect for: Broadway Baritone

Calixte tells the tale of the young misfit Theo who accepts the challenge of defeating the seemingly all-powerful maleficent Queen Calixte (who has been terrorizing the kingdom with the help of her demonic minions).  An unlikely hero himself, Theo embarks on an unexpected musical journey that reveals the secrets of his own past, the truth behind the alleged curse that has plagued his people, and the real identity of the mysterious Calixte herself.  Calixte will be premiered in concert as part of Festival South 2013, starring opera singer Maryann Kyle as Calixte.

Early in the show, Theo finds himself stifled by his place in society, and burning with a desire to be a hero (and not just another peasant boy).  After a painful public humiliation, Theo turns to the gods and proclaims, “I’m Ready.”

For more information on this song, click here.

Beyond Kansas (A Question of Faith)

Zak Sandler, Music & Lyrics
Zak Sandler, Music & Lyrics

Perfect for: High Belt/Mix

A small-town girl starts to fall in love with an Iraqi boy during her sophomore year at Columbia — something she never could have imagined given her rigid, traditional upbringing.  But being in the big city has opened her mind to new possibilities.  Unfortunately, her small-town boyfriend has stayed behind and become even more entrenched in his simplistic mindset.

“Beyond Kansas” is her final attempt to save their relationship. Its innocent passion and vocal pyrotechnics are both challenging and thrilling for a skilled female performer.

For more information on this song, click here.

 A New Kind of Bohemian (A Splash on Broadway)

Jeff Ward, Music & Lyrics
Jeff Ward, Music & Lyrics

Perfect for: High Voice

In the Greenwich Village of the 1920s, one carefree Bohemian is ready to ditch the romance of her cold-water garret and move back to the suburbs. Her live-in boyfriend still has literary stardom in his eyes, though. And he’s already heard her standard arguments for moving back to Pittsburgh. She must now use her imagination to concoct a radically non-standard argument. Cue piano!

For more information on this song, click here.

Who Is Running Your Life?

Craig Baldwin, MusicKathy Lombardi, Lyrics
Craig Baldwin, Music
Kathy Lombardi, Lyrics

Perfect for: High Belt/Mix

“Who Is Running Your Life?” was written as part of a presentation of four songs exploring the characters in THE STEPFORD WIVES.  In our setting, Joanna, the main character, has been living in Stepford for several months.  She is constantly being pressured by her husband Walter to conform to the mind-numbing status quo of Stepford. She has compromised away her spirit and feels as if she is sleep walking through her life. After yet another heated argument with her husband Walter about the virtues of Stepford, Joanna has a heart to heart talk – with herself.

For more information on this song, click here.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!  And good luck with your resolutions!


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