Directory Update #3

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I hope you’ve enjoyed our series featuring the Top 25 Songs in the Directory. These songs highlight extraordinary craft. They remind all of us – teachers, students, writers, pros and musical theatre fans alike – that there are still great stories to tell. These 25 songs give me great hope for what’s on the horizon (yes, the “Blue Horizon”!).

And yet, I would never want you to think the sidewalk ends at these songs. To lift up these select songs is not to negate the other wonderful work in this resource. It was incredibly difficult for our panel to pick just 25 songs that inspired us. Over 100 songs – literally a third of the Directory – were earmarked for this special honor, and many more have been added as we get ready to launch the Directory online. I feel very confident in saying this Directory will bring you the best of the best of the best.

So where are we in our process moving the Directory online? I’m very pleased to announce will launch on November 1! Our fantastic web designer Josh Levine is hard at work creating the infrastructure that will support all this wonderful information. Here’s some of the functionality the website will have:

  • Over 300 songs, searchable by voice and song type.
  • Over 120 writer pages, with biographical information and links to YouTube, MySpace, etc… so you can hear their songs.
  • Additional songs and writers will be added regularly.
  • Information on how to purchase songs directly from the writer(s).
  • A news feed to keep you up to date on writer’s performances and awards.
  • Annual Top 25 Song announcements, with regular features throughout the year to promote other songs  and writers you should know.
  • An ongoing blog, which is currently getting over 100 hits a day, featuring issues that matter most to those interested in contemporary musical theatre.

If you want to find out more about the build of this website, stay tuned! Lorene Phillips will be interviewing Josh about the process of putting the online resource together, with a sneak peak at what the site will look like. We just saw the first drafts last week and got a little choked up. This is going to be a phenomenal resource!

Next week we have a fascinating interview with Rick Walters, creator of Hal Leonard’s beloved Musical Theatre Anthology series. We look forward to giving you an inside look in how those books get put together.


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